Classroom Information

  • Contact Information
    Our Classroom Phone Number:  810.591.3839
    Mrs. Harden:
    Mrs. McKenzie:

    Do you receive our reminder text messages? We send out text message reminders of important information right to your phone. Please sign up using the code that corresponds to the subject you are enrolled in. See that sub page for the code and instructions.

    When are we available? We are available before school everyday at 7:30 for extra help and after school by appointment. 

    Hour Class Title Google Classroom Code
    1st Algebra 1    hazvlqf
    2nd Algebra 1   hlsdbbr
    3rd Mrs Harden's   
    4th Algebra 1   pgynadq
    5th Algebra 1   qt3r2bj
    6th Algebra 2   jvwlt6b


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