Classroom Snacks & Birthday Treats



    Classroom Snacks

    We will have a snack time each day.  Every student needs to bring a healthy snack from home. Please see the suggestions for healthy snacks below:

    Goldfish, apples, Cheese Itz, grapes, mini muffins, apple sauce (don't forget a spoon!), pretzels, popcorn, fruit snacks, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers, bananas, animal crackers, graham crackers, fruit bars.

    Please try to refrain from sending things like Little Debbie Cakes, cookies, and other high sugar items, as well as items that need to be refrigerated. 

    Juice boxes/milk are fine for packed lunches but please only send water bottles for in the classroom.  This will help keep our classroom clean! 


    Thank you!



    Happy Birthday!  

    Birthday Treats

    At the ECC, all birthday treats must be Nonedible.  We welcome many other kinds of treats that your child can share with his/her friends.  Suggested nonfood treats are: stickers, pencils, colored pens, little notepads, rubber bracelets, colorful chalk, bubbles, glow sticks, silly straws, play doh (most party favors would be acceptable).  If you have any questions or need more suggestions, please feel free to contact me!

    Thank you for your cooperation!


    Mrs. Morse