1. Adult punch card - 10 punches/$40 (never expires)
    2. Adult punch card - 25 punches/$90 (never expires)
    3. Student punch card - 10 punches/$25 (never expires)
    4. Fall/Winter/Spring Family Pass - $75.00/ season. Immediate family only – admittance to all home Fall/Winter/Spring athletic events that fall within that particular season.
    5.  Yearly Family Pass - $150 immediate family only – admittance to all home athletic events for the school year.

    **Exceptions – Fundraisers and state tournaments.

    **The events must be held on Flushing athletic facilities.

    Passes are available for purchase in the high school athletic office from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm.
    If you have any questions please contact Mary Talhelm at 810-591-3776 or at mary.talhelm@flushingschools.com.

Last Modified on April 16, 2019