Wish List

  • Thank you for visiting Room 112's wish list! From time to time, I will send home items needed in our newsletter.  Thank you in advance, and I really appreciate your generosity!

    Also, feel free to check out the books added to an Amazon wish list.  (Use the link at the bottom of the page.) 
    These are all books used to teach Writers Workshop mini lessons, as well as writer's and author's craft.  Please feel free to purchase the cheapest one available, as some are only a PENNY! (Used books are great!)

    Items Requested

     Extra snacks- just in case someone forgets!

     Disinfecting Wipes

     Hand Sanitizer

     Unwanted books- They are ALWAYS welcome in our classroom!

     Disposable Forks and Spoons

     Toys  (for treasure chest- McDonald's happy meal toys make great ones!!)

     Dry Erase markers

    Stamp Pads

    AA Batteries