Volunteer Information

  • We need moms, dads, grandmas, or grandpas to volunteer in our classroom!

    During our school year, we will need volunteers for several things.  There will be a sign-up at Open House night, but feel free to contact me at any time if there is something you'd like to do in our classroom!  Remember, in order to volunteer for anything in our school, you MUST have a Volunteer Application filled out and on file beforehand.  The application can be found at the bottom of the page.  Thank you so much for understanding. 

     Here are some examples of volunteer opportunities:

    • Family members to provide snacks and assistance at class parties.  There will be a sign up at Open House for parties!
    • We will need a lot of help in early December for our performance, The Littlest Christmas Tree.  We will need A LOT of help painting t-shirts, setting up scenery, and taking the scenery down as well!  Look for information to come home late November!
    • "Mystery Readers" to come to our classroom during the month of March to share a story with us!  Details to come in February!
    • We will also need help for various art projects or special events in class!  Watch for volunteer requests in our class newsletter for these "extras"!

    Thank you for your support!