Why is nightly reading so important?

  • It is so important for your child to do their assigned nightly reading!

    Read on to find out why!

     I ask your child to read for 15 minutes each night, Monday through Thursday.  If your child completed their nightly reading each night, they will read for an hour each week. 

     We are in school for 35 weeks a year.  So, your child will read for 35 hours outside of the classroom.   If your child only reads for 5 minutes each night, they will have read for 20 minutes each week.  They will have read for just 11 hours outside of the classroom.

     Imagine if your child didn’t do any of their reading?

     Children who are stronger readers are also stronger writers and spellers.  Not to mention, the fabulous places we get to visit and the experiences we have when we read. 

     We read for nearly an hour a day, each day in school.  Couple that with an hour of reading at home each week and your child is reading for six hours every week!  That is outstanding!

     Please make nightly reading a priority in your home.

     Ways to support reading at home:

    v  Read together as a family

    v  Listen to your child read

    v  Read to your child

    v  Read anything and everything!

    v  Let your child see YOU read

    v  Talk to your child about a book that they are reading and share with them what you are reading

    v  Re-read favorite stories

    v  Re-tell favorite stories

    v  Have your child read to older siblings

    v  Have your child read to younger siblings

    v  Grandmas and grandpas love to hear grandchildren read

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