ABC's of Room 112

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    It is extremely important to attend class every day!  Most of our learning is done in class.  We work with partners and groups a lot!  Please plan on attending class everyday except in emergencies and illnesses. 

    Birthday- When it is a student's birthday, they will receive a birthday book made by the class!  Parents, please contact me if you would like to bring in a birthday snack.
    Book Orders-  Every month, a Scholastic  book order will go home.  Please consider ordering online to help our class earn books and supplies.  The book orders will be due on the 28th of every month.
    Box Tops-  Our school collects Box Tops, and we receive 10 cents for each one handed in.  It adds up fast!  Please help our school earn money!

      Feel free to email, or call with questions or concerns at any time.  Also, a note may be sent in your child's D.O.T. 
    Conferences-  We will have conferences twice a year, in the fall and the spring.  I will be contacting you via note or phone call. 

    Class Money-  All of the second grade activities costs are covered with $20!  Please send in the money at the beginning of the year, and don't worry about sending money in for the rest of the year!

    - School dismisses every day at 3:36, and 1:50 on early dismissal days.  if your child is going home differently than the normal way, a written note MUST be sent in. 

    Emergencies- In case of an emergency, the office MUST have the most current contact information for your family.  Please notify the office if any contact information changes.  This is very important! 

    Field Trips-
    Toward the end of the year, we will be going on a field trip.  Your child must have the permission slip and money turned in to go. 

    Graded Work-
    Assignments completed in class will come home as they are graded.  Please check your child's D.O.T. for work that is graded.  If something comes home without a grade, please send it back to school with a note!! 

      You can expect your child to have homework four nights a week. Please make an effort to make your child's homework a priority in your home.  It must come back to your school the next day in their D.O.T.

    Important Information-
      If any important papers need to come to school, please send them in their D.O.T.  Also, check for notes coming home from school, as well as the weekly Newsletters coming home on Friday. 

    Job Well Done-
    It is expected that each students give their best effort on ALL assignments.  Students will be recognized for a job well done on selected assignments.  If a students work does not show their best effort, they will be expected to redo the entire assignment.   

    All students are expected to be kind to other students, and members of our school.  This includes actions AND words.  Elms Elementary has a ZERO tolerance bullying policy. 

      Our lunch is scheduled from 12:20-12:45.  If you come during this time, make sure to check into the office, and get a visitors badge. 

      When sending money to school, please put it in the Money Pouch in their D.O.T.  Also, send it in an envelope labeled what it is for.  Often a child will come with money and forget what it is for. 

      A newsletter will be emailed very Friday with current news, important dates, and different concepts we are learning. 

      This is an important time for student to understand the need for organization.  Please help your child stay organized by remembering their D.O.T. every single day- NO EXCUSES!

    We will have a Halloween, Holiday, and Valentine's Party.  There will be sign up's to work the parties, as well as bring in supplies if you are unable to attend. 
    PTA- Our PTA sponsors many school events, and are unable to function without the help of parents.  Look for more information about volunteer opportunities and meeting dates!

      Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  I can be contacted through email, phone, or notes sent from home. 

    Rights and Responsibilities-
    Students have many rights in our classrooms.  In order to enjoy their rights, they have responsibilities to follow.  We will constantly revisit these to ensure all students understand this concept. 

    Star of the Week-  Each student will have an opportunity to be our Star of the Week.  There is a different activity to complete for each day of the week.  This is a great opportunity for our class to get to know each child. 

      If your child arrives to school after 8:50, they will be marked tardy.  Please make every effort to get your child to school on time.  The only exception is anyone who rides the shuttle. 

      It is clear that each child has unique learning differences.  I work very hard to change instruction to meet all of the needs in my classroom. 

    We LOVE volunteers!  Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas...all are welcome!  Please make sure a volunteer application is on file in the office.  There are things to do in class, as well as things that can be completed at home.  Please contact me to set up a time to come in and volunteer! Also, look for opportunities to volunteer through our school's PTO.  They help with various school activities and events. 

    The class website will be updated weekly.  Please check back often.
    Winter Wear- Please make sure your child is prepared for winter with the necessary outdoor clothes.  Please put their name on all of the winter gear worn to school!  
    Water Bottle- Your child may bring a water bottle to store at school at our Drink Station.  Please make sure the water bottle has the students name on it and it closes tightly without leaking!

    I am very eXcited to work with You and Your child.  Make sure your child get's a lot of Zzzzzzz's to prepare them for the exciting days ahead. 

    A special thank you to Mrs. Bainbridge for the fantastic idea!!!

    Below is a link to a Parent Resource Pamphlet each parent will receive at the Open House.  You will find the ABC's of Second Grade in this pamphlet!

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