Supplies needed for 2nd grade

  • Who is excited for the beginning of the year???  I AM!!  Listed below are all of the personal supplies, classroom community supplies, as well as supplies you will not need.  Please look at the classroom donation section and choose 1-3 items needed for various classroom activities.  Also, it is important to remember some of the supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year!!!  A note will go home when your child needs new supplies, as well as what supplies are needed! 

    Personal supplies:
    (These items will be kept in your locker or your desk.  Feel free to put your name on any of these items.)

     1 pack of Twistable colored pencils
     12 yellow #2 pencils (sharpened at home if possible)
     Disinfecting wipes(any size or brand)

    Ziploc baggies (boys- sandwich, girls- quart)
    1 poly (plastic) two pocket folder with prongs
    (Please make sure they have the 3 prong fasteners in the middle to hold papers!)
     1 pack pencil top erasers
    A small supply box
     1 pack dry erase markers(any color)
    A pair of blunt tipped Fiskars scissors

     Please DO NOT bring: 
    Hand held sharpeners- they make a mess! 
    Backpacks with wheels- they don't fit into our lockers.
    Mechanical pencils- students at this age have a hard time figuring these out! 
    Plastic Coated pencils- they jam up our pencil sharpener! 
    White Elmer's glue- Mrs. Spence has some if you need it, which isn't very often!
    Spiral notebooks- they fall apart too quickly.