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    Welcome to the News and Information page

    Connecting with families is a priority. Please visit this website regularly for updates on what's happening in the library. Remember to check the calendar for library, building and district events. 

    BOOK FAIR Please check the school tab for library schedules and the BOOK FAIR tab for details on schedule and volunteering for each of the buildings and updates on what we've done in the library.

    BOOK BORROWING GUIDELINES: Students at all the elementary buildings visit their school library weekly and they may check out one book per visit. If a student doesn't return or renew their book by their library visit the next week, their book will be overdue and they won't be able to check out another book until that one is returned. If a student loses a book or it is damaged beyond repair and they pay for the replacement cost, they will be able to check out a book. And, if a book is lost and paid for, but the student later finds it and returns it, their money will be refunded.

    ABOUT THE ELEMENTARY LIBRARIES: As a full-time media secretary working at Seymour and Elms, I am part of an elementary library team.  Mrs. Rivette is our district's media specialist and Mrs. Kearney is the media secretary at Springview and Central .

    CONTACT ME: Although I travel to two buildings, I am always available by e-mail at or at the libraries--Seymour 591-5182 and Elms 591-7347. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions or need information.