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    Course Outline



    Welcome to art!


    I.                    Goals of the Course

    1.       Information or knowledge to be learned:

    a.       Vocabulary

    b.       Use and care of equipment

    c.        Related art history

    d.       Strategies and techniques

    2.       Skills to be taught:

    a.       Drawing

    b.       Painting/Color theory

    c.        Sculpture (including clay, wood, balsa foam, etc.)

    d.       Introduction to the elements and principles of design

    e.        Photography (Art II and Studio Art Only- 2nd Semester)

    -          Units listed are not necessarily in sequence due to scheduling of facilities and are subject to change at the instructors' discretion.


    II.                   Materials Needed for Class

    1.       Notebook paper and Pencil

    2.       Photo of Self 2”x 3” or larger.  I can take a picture of you and print it if needed. This is due the 2nd day of class for 5 points.


    III.               How you are graded

    Please read below for an example of how unit projects are graded.  Inappropriate work containing vulgarity, profanity, and/or narcotic references or content will be given an automatic 0 grade.


    Example of a rubric/grade sheet:




    Name________________________ Hour ________


    Art I

    Proportionate (grid) Drawing


    Photograph/drawing                    3\

    Grid                                              2\

    Labeled grid                                 2\

    Enlarged                                       5\

    Followed grid lines                     10\

    Tone                                              5\

    Shading                                         5\

    Highlights                                     5\

    Cast Shadow                                 5\

    Texture/Details                             5\

    Use of Class Time                        5\

    Clean up                                       3\

    Craftsmanship                             10\


    Total                    65\








    I.                    Due Dates:

    1.       In-Class Date: This is the final day to work on the project in class.  Students are not allowed to take work home until this due date (if they don’t bring it back to school, they will have nothing to work on).  Students generally have 1-2 weeks to work on a project in class, depending on the complexity of the assignment.

    2.       Final Due Date: This is the day to turn a project in for full credit.  Students work on the project at home, before or after school, or during their free-time in another class until this due date.  Students usually are given an additional week to work on the assignment at home.  Again, the amount of time provided depends on the complexity of the project.

    II.                  Late Work: will be accepted with a maximum earning potential of ½ credit. However, all late work must be turned in within the same marking period in which it was assigned.  Anything later will result in a 0 grade.

    a.       Students will be allowed 2 days per day missed, to make up assignments until they are considered late.  It is the responsibility of the student to check for and turn in assignments following an absent.  Please check my website for posted assignments at and click on the “My Homework” tab at the top of the screen.



    III.               Expectations:

    The main purpose of the school is for teachers to teach and students to learn.  Consequently, anything that detracts from student learning or my teaching is unacceptable.  At all times students are expected to treat others with respect and courtesy.  The Golden Rule is a good one to follow in the class (and in life).  Study these rules carefully.  Take them home and let your parent(s)/guardian(s) read them.  If all students stick to the following, we will have a smooth school year.

    You are expected to…

    1.       Be prepared to start class on time.  The most important instructions of the day will come within the first 5-10 minutes of class.  Class will usually consist of a lecture period at the start of class followed by you working in your workstations to accomplish the projects you will be assigned.

    2.       Treat everyone in the room with respect including their belongings.

    3.       Be respectful of the teachers’ desks, personal belongings and the art office.  If it is not yours do not touch it!

    4.       Participate and try your best to have a positive attitude every day.

    5.       Clean up your individual work area, perform your assigned clean up task (without being reminded), and return all borrowed equipment and supplies.

    6.       Sharpen pencils before or after the teacher is lecturing.

    7.       Keep outside coats or jackets and book bags in your locker.

    8.       Leave food and beverages in the cafeteria and/or your lunch bag.

    9.       Only use a hall pass for emergencies, (4 per semester).

    10.    Use appropriate language in class

    11.    Keep your voice down, (1’voice)

    12.    Refrain from pitching, passing, tossing, throwing, kicking objects in the air. NO AIRBORNE OBJECTS!


    IV.                Classroom Rules:

    1.       Be courteous and polite at all times.  Do not touch others and/or their belongings.

    2.       Keep the Art room and your work area clean at all times.

    3.       Do not enter Mrs. Luck’s office, unless given permission.

    4.       No airborne objects in the art class.



    In the event that a student has to be disciplined in the classroom the following steps will be taken as follows:


    1. Teacher will speak with the student about behavior being displayed (Verbal Warning).
    2. The teacher will discipline the student as he/she sees fit, based on the circumstances (Classroom Discipline), and contact the students parent(s)/guardian(s)
    3. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Contact.
    4. A Parent/Guardian Conference with teacher, student, and principal (if necessary) to develop a written Behavior Plan.
    5. A Written Referral to the office.

    * Steps may be skipped depending on the severity of the behavior.



    Please sign below stating that you have read and agreed to the above Art Course Outline.  Then bring it home and have your parent or guardian read and sign the above outline as well.  Keep the outline for your records and return this page only to the Mrs. Luck by Friday, September 11th .  This will be your first assignment in the class and it is worth 10 points.


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    Student Signature                                                                                                                                                                                Date




    Students Printed Name




    ______________________________________                       ________________

    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Signature                                                 Date




    If there is a need to contact me, the best way is through email.  My address is Please feel free to contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Finally, please make sure that you have a current phone number and/or email address provided in the main office.


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Jamie Luck