Physical Education

  • The Elementary Physical Education Department believes that physical education is a crucial part of the elementary school program.  We believe that physical education can provide students with invaluable experiences that cannot be attained in other academic areas.

    The main goal of the department is to enhance the overall student by building their physical skills, self-confidence, and social skills, while teaching them to have a strong sense of community and providing them the necessary personal characteristics they will need to be successful in today's world.

    As the demands in our daily lives increase, physical activity has become less of a priority and our health has suffered as a result.  This department feels it is extremely important that we provide our students with the skills and knowledge to support lifelong physical activity.  These skills are valuable to all students and can be an important part of total health and well being throughout their lives.

    The Elementary Physical Education Program strives to provide our students with a well-rounded education in many areas of physical activity.  This experience will give them an excellent foundation to build upon and the beginning skills they will need as they move into the junior high and high school physical education programs.

    Our curriculum was designed to incorporate the individual needs of every child.  Accommodations will be made whenever possible to create a rewarding physical education experience for all children.