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    Class Objectives:


    This course is designed to help students establish good health habits, to understand the importance of physical fitness, and to introduce athletic activities that the students can use throughout their lifetime.  This class will include stretching, running, aerobic workouts, strength training, speed training, as well as team activities such as:  basketball, badminton, floor hockey, ultimate frisbee, touch football, paddle ball along with many other sports.





    (Grades are posted each Monday in the equipment room by student’s id number)


    A  = 93 - 100%           B+  = 87 - 89%           C+  = 77 – 79%           D+  = 67 – 69%

    A- = 90 – 92%            B    =  83 – 86%          C   = 73 – 76%            D   = 63- 66%

                                        B-  = 80 – 82%           C-  = 70 – 72%            D-  = 60 – 62%



    Each day students are graded on a 10 point system (the mile run and aerobic workout days are worth 25 points per day).  In order to earn all points, students must dress completely for class, fully participate and follow all class expectations/procedures.  Students must wear the full school uniform and failure to dress for class results in zero points that day and can not be made up.  Failure to follow all class expectations/procedures will also result in zero points that can not be made up.  The final grade will be based on a percentage of points for the entire semester along with a final exam.





    If students are absent for any reason (including class field trips), they do not receive any points for that day.  In order to make up those points, an article review form must be obtained from the P.E. website.  The article you choose to read and write about must be related to sports, health, or fitness.   An article review is required for each day a student is absent and is due within one week of returning to class (2 article reviews are required if absent for the mile run or aerobic day).  Article Reviews forms can be printed off of the P.E. website or emailed directly to the teacher from the website.

    Procedural Information:


    --Students must wear the school uniform in order to participate and earn points for each day. 

    --The uniform consists of a light gray shirt with solid black shorts, both with no markings or slogans (uniforms may be purchased in the main office). 

    --Only the student’s name can be written on the back with the marker provided by the teacher.

    --Students must be in the gym when the bell rings in order not to be marked tardy.  Students must then be completely dressed and sitting in their assigned squad within 4 minutes from the time class starts in order not to be marked tardy.

    --Each student will be given a small locker with a combination for their use only.

    --Students are not allowed to share lockers.  It is the students’ responsibility to make sure their belongings are properly stored in their locker, to shut the locker door, and to lock their locker by turning the comb counter clockwise.


    Injuries/Medical Information


    If a student is not able to participate due to an injury or illness, they are required to write an article review form for each day they are not allowed to participate in order to obtain their points.  The article reviews can be emailed directly or given to the teacher.  Please inform us in writing of any medical information that should be brought to our attention. 




    1. That all students will follow the student handbook policies in place at FMS.  All students are expected to strictly follow all physical education procedures /policies in order to ensure safety for all.
    2. That all students will treat others with absolute respect, both verbally and non-verbally. 
    3. All students are expected to treat the tax payers’ property with total respect.
    4. All students are responsible for their own actions and attitude.


    Choosing Not to Follow Class Expectations will result in:


    1. Teacher will ask the student what he/she is supposed to be doing (a warning).
    2. Student will lose points for that day and be sent to designated area until the teacher can discuss with the student what must be corrected to re-enter class activity. 
    3. If the problem continues, the student will need to explain to their parent/guardian what took place and have a written note from their parent/guardian stating that they are aware of the problem.  Failure to return signed note will result in daily loss of points until completed.
    4. If the problem(s) persist, the student will not be allowed to reenter class activity until a conference has taken place with the parent, student, and teacher. 
    5. Gross misconduct will result in immediate dismissal to the office.


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    Parent(s) Signature:  _____________________________________________________________




    Printable Form:  click on link below.

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