Reading Strategies

  • Lips the Fish - Get your lips ready! Say the first few sounds out loud. Try to say the word.


    Stretchy Snake - S-T-R-E-T-C-H it out! Say the words slowly. Put the sounds

    together. Keep reading the word.


    Flippy Dolphin - Flip the sound! If it doesn't sound right, try the other sound.


    Tryin' Lion - Give it a try! Try a different word. Don't give up.


    Eagle Eye - Look at the pictures! Look at the picture for clues to help you figure out the word.


    Helpful Kangaroo - Ask for Help! After you have tried all of the other strategies ask

    for help.


    Chunky Monkey - Chunk the words! Look for a chunk that you know. Look for a word part.


    Pointer Pup - Point to the words as I read! Only point to one word at a time. Watch for words that have more than one syllable and only point once. 


    Sharpy Shark - Hunt for sight words as I read!  I should be able to read these words qucikly.