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    My email address:

    My phone number: (810) 591-3185

    room 2202

    My Google Meet Classroom Schedule For Monday-Friday Is:

    10:00-10:25 - 1st hour (Algebra 1)

    10:30-10:55 - 2nd hour (Algebra 1)

    11:00-11:25 - 3rd hour (Math 8)

    11:30-11:55 - 4th hour class (math 8)

    12:00-12:25 - 5th hour (Math 8)


    1:30-3:01 - Instructional Support Time (students may contact me through email for extra help or we can set up a time to meet in Google Meet to go over questions or problems from the assignments we are working on)


    "Prepare Learners Today For Opportunities Tomorrow" 

    *To provide educational excellence for all students
    *To attain the highest level of student achievement
    *To provide a caring, safe, and orderly school community
    *To strive for continuous improvement